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A dog bite can be very serious and result in critical injuries. In the U.S., there is an estimated 4.5 million dog bites every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Approximately half of the victims of dog bites annually are children. In Boston specifically, thousands of people are severely injured by dog bites every year.

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Massachusetts dog bite law is (almost always) strict liability. This means that the victim of the dog bite is not required to prove negligence in order to prevail on their claims, with some exceptions. This means that if a dog attacks or causes injury to a victim, that victim is not required to prove a case of negligence against the dog owner to be successful. Of course, not all dogs are vicious and even those dogs that bite may not have had any history of aggression. In contrast to Massachusetts, some other states require dog bite victims to prove that the owner knew the dog had a propensity for violence.

Additionally, because children are so often victims of dog bites, children under the age of 7 are presumed to have done nothing to warrant a dog attack in Massachusetts. If the child is alleged to have been teasing or abusing the dog or trespassing, the burden of proving such an exception will be on the defendant’s dog owner.

Why You Need a Boston Dog Bite Attorney

Damages from dog bites and dog attack accidents extend beyond the dog bite. Dog bites are unsurprisingly the most common type of injury sustained from dog-related incidents. However, dogs can cause harm to people and their property in other ways as well. Massachusetts dog bite laws allow victims of different dog-related injuries to seek compensation through the courts for dog-related property damage or injury to other animals.

Defenses and Exceptions to Dog Bites. There are exceptions that dog owners can use as a defense when facing a dog bite lawsuit. Trespassing and provocation of the dog are two examples of these exceptions that dog bite lawyers will understand. If the victim of a dog bite is a bit while trespassing on the property of the dog’s owner, the victim may not have a claim against the dog owner. Similarly, if the victim provokes or incites a dog and then sustains a dog bite injury, the victim’s actions may excuse the dog’s owner from liability.

Our Dog bite attorneys in Boston can help evaluate these defenses and explain them to you.

What To Do If You Suffer a Dog Bite:

If you were attacked or bitten by a dog, you should take the following steps to protect yourself from further injury: (This is not medical advice and you should immediately seek medical treatment)

  • First, seek medical attention and explain to the doctor what happened;
  • Obtain the owner’s contact information;
  • Take pictures and write down exactly what happened;
  • Wash any wounds with soap and water;
  • Report the incident to animal control;
  • Hire a knowledgeable Boston dog bite lawyer and have your case evaluated.

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